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“There's so much extra pressure when you're both the sister AND the maid of honor. This helped me big time! Best speech of the night! My brother was so happy (and embarrassed in a good way). Exact guide I needed as it was super helpful and to the point. Thank you!"
"I felt super prepared and free of anxiety. It was a huge hit. As someone who hates public speaking, this was a lifesaver. Thank you!!!!"
"Giving a Best Man speech is amazing but also nerve-racking. My advice to anyone writing a speech is be prepared, speak from the heart, and make it funny. Thanks to this, mine had many laughs, some tears, and is forever memorable."
"This was a gift from my daughter to help make the speech easier. I was faced with a lot of emotions writing a speech good enough for my baby's wedding. And I'm man enough to admit it. This made finding the right words to welcome our new son-in-law to the family feel easy."